Saturday, October 4, 2014

world animal day

/ oligosoma aeneum (copper skink) by dylan van winkel /

in honour of world animal day, please enjoy a post by a former classmate of mine: the wind's resting place. dylan has some truly stunning wildlife photographs, especially of nz's less 'cuddly' species.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

the 508 project

/ home sweet home /

in an effort to see more of our new home town, reuben and i have embarked on a mission to see all 508 miles of manhattan's roads, walking each street from end to end. yep, it sounds insane and will probably take us a couple years, but it will be an excellent way to discover new (good, bad, and ugly) things throughout the whole city.

update: i have moved the 508 project to a *new blog* that is cleverly titled the508project! check it out!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

anzac in nyc

/ anzac memorial garden at rockefeller center /

anzac day, april 25th, is a widely celebrated day of commemorating a ww1 campaign fought in gallipoli (turkey) where many australian and new zealand soldiers died (amongst many others, of course). dawn services are the most common, but we didn't get tickets to the dawn service held in downtown manhattan; however, reuben was successful in getting tickets to a pretty stunning service held in rockefeller center. on the 7th floor of the british empire building, there is an anzac memorial garden with views down 5th avenue and across to st. patrick's cathedral (currently under construction).

/ by the reflecting pool /

not only was the day gorgeous, but the service was lovely, with expats and representatives of all sorts, including the consul-generals of australia and new zealand. after the service, we were treated with refreshments from dub pies, including anzac biscuits and lamingtons (oh, if only there were pies!). this service really got us both very much looking forward to visiting turkey next year for the centenary anniversary of the gallipoli campaign.

/ st. patrick's under construction /

"those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives... you are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. therefore rest in peace. there is no difference between the johnnies and the mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours... you the mothers who sent their sons from far away countries wipe away your tears. your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. after having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well." -mustafa kemal ataturk

Sunday, March 2, 2014

5119th place

/ in the starting corral /

if you told me 10 years ago that i was going to be running a race... in manhattan... with my husband... in 36-degree weather (!!), i definitely would have laughed at you! in fact, i recently saw a list of my goals from nearly 10 years ago and there was no mention of a desire to tick running of any sort off of my life's to do list. but i guess we all make new goals and new lists and new aspirations and this was part of mine!

/ my number and tee shirt /

it has been a challenge to get back into the running since we moved back, so i signed up for the washington heights salsa, blues, and shamrocks 5k in order to stay motivated! unfortunately the weather has been so cold and snowy that i didn't get out to run nearly as often as i should have so i really thought i was going to struggle through this race. the course started out on a hill, which i took really slowly partially because i was afraid of getting tired too soon and partially because there were soooo many people! as good as the subsequent downhill was, i knew there was a big uphill right in the middle of the race. but the musicians stationed along the course and my personal cheering party (aka reuben) kept pushing me along and i felt like i was really in my zone by that point. one more uphill and it was all downwards from there until the finish line. i felt like i still had plenty of energy heading down the hill so i pushed up the speed and ran - really ran! - toward the finish line! official time was 34:55 (or 5,119th out of 6,220) but the true accomplishment for me was actually running the whole thing.

and perhaps it's the endorphins still talking, but i was looking at some further races for later in the year because... why not? queens 10k in june? staten island half marathon in october?? maybe i'll sleep on it first....

Monday, February 24, 2014

where is spring?

/ 2 of my favourite things - blackmilk and ballerina project! /

this is how i felt yesterday when it was 50 degrees - gloooooooorious!

unfortunately i went running, and the glorious feeling went away quickly.. because of the terrible weather i haven't been out as often as i should have been considering that i have a race this weekend!

Friday, February 14, 2014

i love the holidays

/ happy valentine's day from /

you may be thinking 'wait, the holidays are over... why are you talking about the holidays?' but i'm not talking about christmas and new years and such. i'm talking about those obscure holidays that few know about and even fewer celebrate. like tomorrow, world pangolin day. yes, my friends and family, i have staged my return to blogging in 2014 with an adorable and little-known animal, the 'scaly anteater' or pangolin.

so happy valentine's day, enjoy #worldpangolinday, have a good long weekend and stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

autumn oranges

/ eating and drinking like crazy /

nyc wine and food festival was a crazy experience - so much food and wine and drinks and nibbles! i like the idea of wine & food festivals, but that was just too big to enjoy properly. my stomach is way too small! another good event to check off my list!
/ embroidered felt ghosts by sewcutefelt /

halloween was pretty uneventful, but i did get to hand candy out to my very first trick-or-treaters. all six of them.

/ #nolithedestroyer /

i've still been taking noli outside when it is nice! she is getting more bold now and will actually run back and forth chasing leaves.

/ nyc marathon opening ceremony /

reuben walked in the parade for the nyc marathon opening ceremony with his fellow kiwi mates and we were there to cheer him on. it was a quirky event, but the weather was amazing, central park looked great and there were fireworks and fun crowds!

/ my hubby after the big run /

and last but not least, THE MARATHON! it was a fresh and cool day to be spending outdoors, but luckily i didn't have to get outside until nearly noon and by then the sun was out and shining. mom, dad, AD and i cheered reuben on at the 18-mile and the 23-mile mark and despite him saying he didn't feel fantastic, he looked awesome. it was an inspiring event to attend and made me think that maybe i should set some more running goals for next year. we shall see. 

congrats, hubby, you did a great job ;)

Friday, October 25, 2013

extinction everywhere

/ antique lithograph of australian (and new zealand!) fauna /

it seems like i have been constantly hearing about a similar strain of extinct or nearly extinct animals over the past couple months. it all started with american museum of natural history's scicafe entitled reviving the mammoth, which was quite a really fascinating lecture about many of the considerations that must be made in order to de-extinct a species. while the idea of being able to see a once extinct animal in person sounds initially appealing, i personally think time, effort, and money can be better utilised on other projects.

then there was the book carnivorous nights (which was on my reading list and just happened to be part of AD's library) is all about the extinct thylacine, or tasmanian tiger. actually, the aim of the book is to show how many people believe the tiger might still be living somewhere in remote tasmania. it also touches on research efforts at resurrecting the tiger, but much like the scicafe lecture pointed out, there is laundry list of issues that act as barriers to any success so far.

today i listened to radiolab's rebroadcast of famous tumors, whose first story is about the tasmanian devil facial tumor. it's a heartbreaking story, but the devils have a lot of conservationists on their side that are making strong efforts to slow the spread of this disease.

and now tasmanian devils are now at the san diego zoo! this is not only great for exposing the north american public to this amazing animal, but it is also important for preserving the species should the facial tumor be unstoppable in australia.

and, funnily enough, the last story in radiolab's tumor episode is all about henrietta lacks and the book written about her is next on my reading list. i might add the song of the dodo (also in the episode) onto my list as well. ok, i might as well just add the whole radiolabreads to my list...

Monday, October 21, 2013

crazy legs

/ cuddly kiwi pillow by selma selfmade /

just in case kiwi legs one day become disproportionate and bizarre like the kiwi legs above, please refer to my article for some baseline studies on kiwi limb growth: characterization of hatch-size and growth rates of captive and wild-reared brown kiwi (apteryx mantelli) chicks.

yep, it's finally out in the current issue of zoo biology, which means i am officially a published author!